Article By Kaitlyn Clark, Photos By Virgil Barrow (Link To Original Article)

The sweet science returned to the Hammer on Saturday night, June 16, 2018, to a sold out crowd at the Ancaster Fairgrounds. 3 Lions Promotion compiled a card full of local talent that certainly did not disappoint as 1 local female made her in-ring debut, a Nova Scotia boxer made his Ontario debut, and a local fan-favourite took to the ring in a fight for his first professional championship belt. In case you missed this outstanding event, or if you simply want to relive the magic, we here at STING Sports Canada are going to break it down for you.

First on the card was “Dark Angel” Kylie Angel Fallis making her professional debut after a 10 year amateur career which saw her capture multiple Provincial Titles. Fallis took to the ring to square off against the more experienced Ana Alejandra Marquez Palacio of Mexico, who already had 3 fights under her belt. Immediately after the opening bell, Palacio landed a stiff jab, snapping Fallis’ head back. The power jab looked to merely calm down the nervous Fallis, as she immediately took a moment to move, gather her emotions, and then get to work. Fallis threw in combinations throughout the four-round contest, and utilized her superior head movement and ring awareness to box her way to a unanimous decision win. Congratulations to Kylie Angel Fallis for coming out on top in her first professional fight – we look forward to what the future has in store for this talented boxer!

Next up was Paul Ispas, who took to the ring against Juan Carlos Romero, in his second bout of his professional career. Both fighters looked unsteady throughout the opening round as they were forced to make the adjustment of the southpaw vs. southpaw matchup. It wasn’t until midway through the second round that Ispas found his groove and began landing sharp check hooks, to maintain his distance from the grittier Romero, and set up for the straight let hand. Ispas continued to use his refined ring movement through both the third and fourth rounds of the contest, while also cutting tight angles and landing vicious jab, cross combinations. At the end of four rounds, Ispas moved his way to a unanimous decision win and improved his record to a clean, 2-0.

For those fans familiar with boxing in Hamilton, the name Wilcox well-known throughout the city as one of the most dominant families in boxing; the young Bradley Wilcox is no exception. At just 23 years old, Wilcox has already compiled an impressive 4-0 record with 1 knockout, and on Saturday night he was looking to add both another win and another K.O. to his stats.

From the first bell, Wilcox was relentless in his pursuit of the more experienced Laramie Carmona (7-5) of Mexico. Wilcox used his head movement and brilliant hand speed to set up solid uppercuts to Carmona’s body, slowing the Mexican down and eliminating any power he may have had in his punches. Wilcox employed his stellar ring-intelligence by pushing Carmona’s head down and throwing a body shot whenever Carmona would barrel in. However, it wasn’t until the second round that Wilcox was able to find the button and sit Carmona down; approximately 1 minute into the second round, Wilcox landed a vicious liver shot, dropping Carmona – this would prove to be the beginning of the end as Wilcox jumped on his opponent immediately, and ultimately knocked Laramie Carmona out with a three punch combination. With that, STING Brand Ambassador Bradley Wilcox improved his record to 5 wins, with 2 coming by knockout, and 0 defeats. Stay tuned as more impressive results are sure to come from this young warrior – ain’t that The Truth.

The fourth bout of the evening, and the Co-Main Event, featured a power puncher from Sydney, Nova Scotia – Ryan Rozicki. Heading into the night, Rozicki boasted an impressive 6-0 record, with all 6 wins coming by way of knockout. To this point, Rozicki had boxed less than 12 rounds total, in his 6 fight career. This would be a step-up in opponents for Rozicki, facing off against UBO Intercontinental Cruiserweigh Champ Mate Kristof (9-7) of Hungary. Rozicki claimed prior to the fight that he was going to make a statement, and make a statement he did.


Within the first 90 seconds of the bout, Rozicki hammered away at Kristof with power jabs, in order to set up a beautiful double left-hook combination, finishing with the liver shot and ultimately dropping Kristoff. Rozicki would then remain patient after Kristoff beat the count, to get position and push Kristoff into the corner in order to unleash a brutal 6 punch combination – forcing referee Donovan Boucher to call off the fight at 2 minutes and 23 seconds of the first round. Keep an eye out for this young Nova Scotia fighter, as he’s got big things happening in the not so distant future!

The night was capped off with a brilliant display of technique and power from local fan-favourite, Jessie “The Roc” Wilcox. Jessie boasts an impressive amateur resume, as well as a professional record of 9 wins, 0 losses, and 2 draws, and went to battle against Juan Armando Garcia of Mexico for the Canada Professional Boxing Council International Welterweight Title.

The Roc began the bout using his reach and hand speed, to set up beautiful combinations accentuated by powerful hooks, proving that speed kills. Accuracy was the key to the night, as The Roc threw 8 and 9 punch combinations and landed almost every punch, putting on a dominant display of skill en route to a first round KO victory. Congratulations to STING  Ambassador Jessie “The Roc” Wilcox on claiming his first of many professional boxing championships!

Professional boxing returns to Hamilton, Ontario in October, 2018 with both Steven Wilcox and Kevin Higson currently on the card. Make sure to check back at STING Sports Canada to stay up-to-date on all things boxing and to follow along with the careers of the Wilcox boys.